Bevel Gear Acturator, Chainwheels, Electric moter actuators

 Products :  Accessories
Size :  -
Materials :  Cast carborn, Alloy, Stainless steel
Origin :  Korea
Factory :  Busan, Korea


 Bevel Gear Acturator
Auxiliary gearing is often desirable to facilitate the operation of large size valves required to close against high pressure. Namsung Cast Steel Valves can be furnished with a fully enclosed light and maintenance free bevel gear actuators.
Chainwheels can be furnished complete with chainwheel and chain guide. They are means of safe and convenient floor operation of valves in overhead or inaccessible locations.
 Electric moter actuators
Electic Motor Actuators are available for valves which are in accessibly located, or where emergency may require rapid, positive operation from a remote point. Namsung can supplies electric motor actuators for each type of Namsung Cast Steel Valves when required. Show on this page are examples of various available actuators.